10 Amazing and Funny Whatsapp Videos

Whatsapp is a great way to share your videos with your friends. Sending a video message on this popular instant messaging app is as easy as sending a text message from your phone.

The only limitation with Whatsapp videos is the size of the video. However, the latest update of this chatting app introduced Whatsapp video editor that’s built into the app. This editor automatically trims videos so that they meet the Whatsapp video sharing size limits.

Due to this new video editor, people are sharing lots of videos on Whatsapp. Here are the most viral Whatsapp videos for you.

1- Funny Whatsapp videos from India – Compilation

2- Very emotional video on Whatsapp

3- A heart touching Whatsapp video

4- Whatsapp video: cute baby crying for his brother

5- Funny Whatsapp video: Monkey teasing a dog

6- Stupid people doing stupid things

7- Best Islamic prank on Whatsapp

8- Funny animal videos

9- This kid can produce music anywhere

10- They all failed miserably – Funny Whatsapp video compilation

I’m sure you enjoyed watching these Whatsapp videos. Share these with your friends and turn their ordinary boring day into one full of gags.
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