Whatsapp APK Download Free Latest Version 2016 For pc

How to download Whatsapp in PC?

The modern smartphones have internet access, and developers can build communication features into these phones with ease. This combination has eased up the process of communication and brought us app such as Whatsapp APK.

Skype is an example of these modern communication apps. Like Skype, the similar apps available also provide a platform to send and receive text messages.

whatsapp apk

Whatsapp APK Download Free Latest Version 2016 is the most popular mobile app these days in this domain. The app is available free of cost, and it takes only a few minutes to start sending free text messages with this app.

In February 2014, Facebook acquired Whatsapp. As a result, many users concerned with privacy moved to other apps.

As a result, the company had to improve privacy-related features. With some updates, now Whatsapp APK supports secure and encrypted communication.

The Most Popular Android App is Whatsapp APK!

Whatsapp APK is the most popular app that runs on all smartphones. A lot of users are using this app to send messages to their friends.

In India, the revenue generated through SMS has comparatively dropped for the local telecommunication companies. This is due to the increase in the use of Whatsapp APK among people.

Whatsapp APK has fulfilled the needs of a lot of people by providing real-time text service, that too without any cost. But access to internet connection is a must when using this app.
Whatsapp APK Download Free Latest Version 2016

Whatsapp APK Download Free Latest Version 2016 is the most widely used app, it is not available to be used on your computer. However, the users of Android platform can operate it by connecting it to a computer’s browser since 2014 with only a few basic features.

The iPhone users were also provided the same feature a year later, but the process is a bit complex. You have to scan the QR code with the help of your smartphone, given on the Whatsapp’s website. The web application, in this case, synchronizes with the app on your iPhone.
Features Supported by Whatsapp APK

The app is free for a year when you first create an account. After a year, all users have to pay one Euro per year to continue using the Whatsapp APK service.

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The app is not limited to any geographic region. You can send and receive messages to and from anywhere with an internet access.

Whatsapp APK introduced a new feature called ‘push to talk’ in 2013. It allows you to send voice messages through the app to your contacts.

Apart from text and voice messages, you can also share your pictures, videos and the geographic location with your friends and family. You can also share sound clips through Whatsapp APK.

The app also allows you to have a group chat. The groups can have as many people as you like without any limitation. Anyone who has a Whatsapp APK Download Free Latest Version 2016 installed on a smartphone can be a part of your group if the group admin(s) allows you to join it.

Whatsapp APK asks you to create a profile to get registered on the network using your cell number. It also allows you to add a profile picture that you can change whenever you like.
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